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Our mission



Why COA's matter.

From seed to shelf, every decision is important.

We are often asked about the quality of our CBD products versus others available on the market. The best method of verifying farming practices and the quality of extraction is by reading the Certificate of Analysis. Ours are readily available for each product we sell, if you click the link above to the Google drive. And for a little transparency, all products currently sold by Sugar Bottom Hemp are made with CBD we grew on the farm in 2019. We received our first production run of tinctures and salves in mid April 2020 and sold out by the end of September. All items shipping now are from Batch 2. Both sets of COA’s are available for your reference. The key to remember is that although we’re on the second batch of products, it’s still being made from the hemp harvested and extracted into CBD from the 2019 harvest.

So what's in a Certificate of Analysis?

There are several pages to a COA. The first two pages show the potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Some labs will show the ratio of CBD to THC, for instance ours is 25:1. Equally important are this listing of terpenes. They add dimension to our products in a similar manner as does salt, pepper and spices do to a dish. For example, we have high levels of beta-caryophyllene and research shows it may be effective in the treatment of long-lasting pain and to a lesser extent, has the potential therapeutic regulation of anxiety and depression. We like to think this is a good thing and want to show off our numbers.


On the third page of our COA is something most, if not all other brands do not show. It shows results of the residual solvents (what’s left over from extraction), mycotoxins (residual fungi), pesticides (to verify we don’t use any) and heavy metals (what the hemp pulled from the soil). In every test, we pass with flying colors and clearly illustrates how pure and clean our CBD is for your consumption. It’s easy to be proud of heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxin results – we didn’t do anything and the numbers verify this for us. The residual solvents however, are the result of the hard work and quality of our extraction partner. We are proud to work with them and their attention to detail cannot be masked.

If you have any questions about reading a COA or you have any comments, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you!