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We are a collection of local farmers and business people who were brought together over our love of the hemp plant and the many health benefits we’ve received by using CBD in its various forms. We strive to be a leader in our community as an example of innovative farming and healthy living.

from tragedy to purpose


About 7 years ago, the wife of one of our founding partners was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia. The course and trajectory of the disease is awful and affects everyone in its path. Stress and burnout are typical in caregivers; confusion, agitation and depression are common emotions in the patient. Our partner found cannabidiol to be very effective in dealing with her overwhelm and the effects on her wife to be astounding. While it wasn’t a cure, it gave her wife ease and happiness that lead to happier days. The disease continues to progress and extracted hemp oil is a supplement in her daily care. Our partner found it benefited her daily wellbeing, focus and ability to deal with stress, as well.

Each of the products we develop are with our end consumer in mind .. packing in healthy, organic ingredients to provide results that matter.

From Seed to Shelf

Quality Craftsmanship

At every step, we take extra care in growing the finest quality hemp in Bucks County and turning it into world class, highly effective products. At the farm, we do everything by hand, from starting and planting seedlings to daily walk through of our fields. We inspect for pests, disease and soil/plant deficiencies and treat with organic, sustainable farming practices. We use predator bugs to combat harmful pests; add organic manure for beneficial nutrients and rotate our fields to keep our soil fresh and healthy.

The strains we plant are equally important. We have a choice when it comes to planting and seek to grow hemp with the most healthy benefits. Part of that is planting varieties of hemp that are compliant with state regulations while high in CBD and terpene values. In 2020, we even added the super-cannabinoid CBG to our fields for its promising results in studies in Europe.

Our care and attention in creating products is equally important to how we grew the hemp on the farm. Each product has limited ingredients and designed for maximum effectiveness with only the necessary organic ingredients added. We rigorously test our products before release through personal use and verified third party testing. Our Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) can be found on the COA’s page.